“There is a feeling of peace in much of King’s work; humour in some; and a sense of agitation in others. The balance of line, colour, movement, and the repetition of individual elements are strong in each. One feels the emotional energy of his gestural marks.” Catalogue for the exhibition ‘Calligraphic Influences…’ at the Buhler Gallery; Feb 2014. Continue Reading >>

—Patricia Bovey, art historian, art consultant, writer and former art gallery director.


“King’s previous paintings were fecund puzzles engaging the viewer to relish their achieved harmonies. The recent works have exchanged the cerebral for the tactile passion of being in the present, in nature and in one’s place in the world.” Essay; Oct 2013. Continue Reading >>

—Lelde Muehlenbachs, artist, writer, former Extension Curator, The Edmonton Art Gallery.


“Now that the wow factor has begun to wear off and the crowds have thinned out, we can stand back and assess Edmonton’s new Art Gallery of Alberta as a place to exhibit art. … The abstract sweep of metal that literally moves through the exterior glass facade to dominate the entrance foyer is very appropriate for Edmonton, given its internationally recognized abstract metal sculpture and painting communities – Peter Hide, Al Reynolds, Clay Ellis, Isla Burns, Vesna Makale, Doug Haynes and John King.” Galleries West magazine; Summer 2010. Continue Reading >>

—Ross Bradley, Art Consultant, Alberta Foundation for the Arts; contributor to Galleries West.


“John King’s ‘Eastern Drum’ is outstanding. The half-circle canvas dances to its own certain rhythm.” The Edmonton Journal; Nov 1, 1996. Continue Reading >>

—Charles Mandel, writer, editor; art reviewer for The Edmonton Journal.


“King is a restless artist who continually reconsiders his art in order to go forward. He has taken long, hard looks at painters he admires, both contemporaries and historically important figures such as Robert Motherwell and Jack Bush. He has succeeded not in imitating but in finding solutions at once open-ended and undeniably his own.” Essay; Feb 1989. Continue Reading >>

—Lelde Muehlenbachs, artist, writer, former Extension Curator, The Edmonton Art Gallery.


“I come to Edmonton every year or two to see new art and I always enjoy myself. Nowhere outside the New York area can you find so much high-level art. I’ll record some of my impressions and comment briefly about the works I’ve selected. … John King had one picture that I thought was much better than anything else he’d done. Why does this happen so often?” Update magazine, The Edmonton Art Gallery; Feb 1987. Continue Reading >>

—Kenworth Moffett, Boston-based art critic; guest curator at The Edmonton Art Gallery.


“Art critic Kenworth Moffett has made the point that the best new art is no longer made exclusively in large urban centres such as New York and Paris. With a vigorous and accomplished community of abstract artists who have earned international attention, Edmonton is proving his point. ‘Abstract Painting in Edmonton’ examines the work of 13 local painters who have contributed to the evolvement of this important scene. … Giuseppe Albi, Philip Darrah, Bruce Dunbar, Gerald Faulder, Douglas Haynes, Terrence Keller, John King, Phillip Mann, Seka Owen, Graham Peacock, Robert Scott, Mitch Smith, Dave Travis.” Update magazine, The Edmonton Art Gallery; Sept 1986. Continue Reading >>

—Russell Bingham, Curator, The Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta.


“Colour is very critical in King’s art. The way he uses it, it often seems to perch on a thin edge between dissonance and startling ingenuity. He paints intuitively, allowing his very personal colour sense to guide him, and edits his work, separating the successes from the failures upon completion.” Update magazine, The Edmonton Art Gallery; Nov 1985. Continue Reading >>

—Russell Bingham, Curator, The Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta.